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Proven Flotation Tank Cell technology...
Let Westpro give you the results you require!

Westpro's proven FLOTATION TANK CELL technology can be used for a vast range of applications:
  • Mineral separation
  • Industrial minerals
  • Soil remediation
  • Environmental
Westpro Flotation Tank Cell Advantages:
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Low maintenance
  • New Rotor/Stator design
    • Excellent pulp suspension
    • Superior bubble contact
    • Enhanced bubble generation
  • Robust bevel/helical drive with direct air connection, designed specifically for flotation tank cells
  • Easy access drive guards allow simple adjustment of impeller speed for optimization of each cell
  • Foldable froth crowder allows for quick removal of shaft and rotor
  • Custom launder designs

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Heavy Duty Flotation Tank
  • Mild steel construction
  • Stainless steel construction (optional)
  • Various tank liner options available
Heavy Duty Flotation Tank Cells

Tank Cell Superstructure
  • Drive base bolted to tank
  • Supports agitator drive unit, motor and guard

Flotation Tank Cell V-Belt Drive Assembly
  • Bevel/Helical drive with direct air connection
  • Heavy duty design with 5:1 service factors
  • Mounted on unitized drive bases
  • Easy access drive guards
  • Simple impeller speed changes with sheave selection
  • Integral walkways
Easy Access Drive Guards

Rotor and Stator Assembly
  • Urethane covered mild steel rotor and stator
  • Rotor mounted to shaft via bolted flange connection
  • Stator mounted to elevated pedestal on tank floor
  • Hollow shaft for introduction of supercharged air
Internal Launder
  • Heavy duty mild steel construction
  • Launder designs customized for each applications
Flotation Tank Cell Top View

Level Sensor Assembly
  • Ultrasonic level sensors monitors float ball at froth/slurry interface
  • Process controller compares sensor data with set-point from plant PLC

Dart Valve Assembly
  • Two (2) pneumatically actuated dart valves in each discharge/transition box
  • Cast urethane dart valves and seats
  • Automatic level control system for each level transition
    • Unaffected by slurry temperature or density changes
    • Provision for local control
    • Configured to integrate to plant wide control system

Froth Crowder
  • Folding froth crowder design
  • Designed for ease of wet end removal
Folding Froth Crowder
Cutaway View
Cut-away View of 4600 ft3 Westpro Tank Cells in 1+1+1+2+1 Configuration

Westpro Flotation Tank Cells
Westpro Flotation Tank Cell Model ft3/Cell M3/Cell Motor HP (per cell)
FL350TC 350 10  25 HP
FL500TC 500 15 40 HP
FL700TC 700 20 50 HP
FL875TC 875 25 60 HP
FL1100TC 1100 30 60 HP
FL1800TC 1800 50 100 HP
FL2500TC 2500 70 125 HP
FL3500TC 3500 100 150 HP
FL4600TC 4600 130 200 HP
FL5700TC 5700 160 250 HP
FL7100TC 7100 200 250 HP
FL10600TC 10600 300 300 HP
Note: Additional cell sizes available upon request

Please contact a Westpro representative for further details on flotation machines.

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